3 Amazing Grooming Tips For a 2024 New You!

3 Amazing Grooming Tips For a 2024 New You!

This year will be better. And, if we take the small steps we need to take, we will look good and feel great along the way. Here are three great grooming tips that will get you off to a great start...
January 02, 2024 by Craig the Barber
Craig the Barber Tweet about not using the ingredient alcohol on the skin.

Alcohol as a drink. But, definitely not on your face.

Did you know that hikers apply rubbing alcohol to their feet and guitar players to their fingers, to harden their skin? What a great idea if it makes hiking and guitar playing easier!

I’m not convinced; however, that the benefits have the same value when applied to the face. Sure, as a last resort it can disinfect a cut, but there are so many less painful options… right?

Effects of alcohol on the face can include:

    • Painful burning
    • Darkened skin
Shave Like A Barber - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Shave Like A Barber

How many times have you left your barber and wondered how you could go home and duplicate the results you get from the barbershop?  Well… maybe not the overall experience itself, which is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself, but a similar shave to what you get from your barber? One of the key benefits ...
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