"When it comes to quality never settle, never compromise." 

After 12 years of grooming some of Hollywood’s most famous faces Craig is considered by many as their go-to “Master Barber.” His reputation is for being one of the remaining few in his field who has stayed true to the original craft of barbering.

Craig’s belief is that being a well-groomed man does not mean going overboard, and that any guy can take charge of his style and appearance with the right guidance. Confirming this belief through his many conversations with clients, blog readers and those who sought out advice via email. The most common complaints were related to shaving, like skin irritation, skin darkening (or hyper-pigmentation), and poor results from even the most expensive grooming products.

And he understood why. Many grooming products on the market are filled with chemical irritants that can dry the skin during the process of shaving, resulting in  painful and embarrassing razor burn and other skin sensitivities.

This knowledge compelled him to do something truly crazy -- develop his own line of shaving and skincare products. Craig isn’t someone who is comfortable settling or compromising when it comes to quality. This resulted in years of hands-on research, (no huge corporate backers or big marketing agencies), to create products that would truly help men (and women) ensure the best shaves of their lives.

Burke Avenue Shave Products are formulated with the "When it comes to quality never settle, never compromise." perfect combination of essential oils and botanicals, free of sulfates, parabens and alcohol. They work together to provide real-time healing, superior all-day moisture, and fight the effects of darkening of the skin and irritation. And the response has been incredible. 

Voted one of Men’s Health 2017 Grooming Products of the Year was just the beginning. What Craig most wanted is happening, people are trying Burke Avenue Products and they are literally astonished with the results. In fact, he is so confident that you’ll love the results that if you don’t see and feel a difference you’ll get your money back. 


Craig is an in-demand celebrity barber and creator of Burke Avenue Shave Products. An industry expert who has been featured in magazines, on national television as well as participating at celebrity events. He is a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine. In 2009 his passion also lead him to launch the popular website dedicated to the art of barbering and style for men. Craig currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Lisamar, and their young son Isaac.




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