3 Amazing Grooming Tips For a 2024 New You!

This year will be better. And, if we take the small steps we need to take, we will look good and feel great along the way. Here are three great grooming tips that will get you off to a great start.

1. A Barber Shave Experience 

 Man getting shaved

It's quite obvious that the women in our lives have mastered the art of pampering and self care since the beginning of time. So why aren't we doing the same? A barber shave is the last pampering experience that only men can enjoy. You lay down, get a little shut-eye and wake up clean shaven and feeling refreshed. And, if you include this service with your regularly scheduled haircut appointment it instantly becomes a self-care habit. It's a total win! Plus we can all use a scheduled break.

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2. Splurge of a Good Haircut

 Men's haircut done by Craig the Barber

A brand new haircut especially one that enhances your facial features feels empowering. If this is not how you feel after you get out of the barber chair, stop a guy who has a great haircut and ask him who cuts his hair. Or better yet, search or Google for a recommendation. Trust me, it's worth your time and worth it for you to look and feel your best!

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3. Buy a DE Shave Set

Shaving set by Muhle


A DE shaving kit will ensure that you will have more celebrated mornings than tolerated ones. Not only is it a great-looking counter piece, but it's also one of the best razor options for a smooth, customizable shave. Combined with our commitment to a personal skincare experience when using our products, your daily shaving routine will no longer feel like a chore.



Burke Avenue Bundle


January 02, 2024 by Craig the Barber

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