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How many times have you left your barber and wondered how you could go home and duplicate the results you get from the barbershop?  Well… maybe not the overall experience itself, which is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself, but a similar shave to what you get from your barber? One of the key benefits of getting a straight razor shave from a barber is that the shave is customized for your face. Simply put, the single blade gives the barber the capability of deciding how close he/she should shave your face (depending on comfort and sensitivity). So again, is it possible to duplicate the shave results at home? The answer is YES! With the right tools…

Have you ever heard of a Double Edge (DE) safety razorTrust me you’ve seen them in movies; however, many of you think that they no longer exist… but they do!  Not to mention how much they’ve truly evolved with the help of technology.  The safety razor ranges in price from $30 – $100+, but a complete set (safety razor, badger brush and stand) can run you $150+.

The benefits?

They last a lifetime. Depending on how much you want to spend, they can be handed down to your great-grandson!  A 10-pack of razors are less than $10, and you can use the blades in most cases more than 5 times (you can’t beat that!).  All this to have more control on how close you want your shave to be, thereby greatly reducing skin irritation, is well worth the cost.

Give it a try!



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