The 5 Fundamental Keys To Getting A Perfect Shave - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Mastering these 5 Key Concepts will insure that you will never have a bad shave again.



Water temperature and moisture is key to getting a great shave. Warm water softens the beard and skin allowing the razor blade to do its job better. The moisture produced is what is needed to make your shaving products work to their maximum potential.


Everyone’s skin reacts to shaving differently. Knowing how your skin reacts to different ingredients in shave creams and pre-shave products is important.


The more curl your beard hair has, the more susceptible you are to ingrown hairs (ie. razor bumps). So, knowing the direction in which your beard grows will limit the risk of irritation.


The marketing behind more blades is that they are supposed to deliver the closest shave possible with each pass. However, bear in mind, that adopting this method can potentially increase the chances of your beard hair retreating below the skin line, causing in-grown hairs. So, limit the number of blades if you are prone to irritation. 

Shave Cream

So many creams, which one should you use? Aim to find a cream that consistently produces a well balanced amount of moisture on your skin without allowing razor drag or irritation. When you find it, you’ll know it’s a keeper!

*Hint: I know of one you may very much enjoy! HERE



Edwin Harris Sr

Edwin Harris Sr said:

I love the fact that you have a brand and education to go along with it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge keep it coming I’m a student for life.
Master Barber Edwin!

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