How Many Shaves Can One Razor Give Me? - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

With the convenience of subscriptions and personal delivery services like Post Mates, the excuses for not replacing razor blades for new ones have become few and far between. But, there’s one excuse that still gets used quite often— not knowing how many shaves are too many for one razor.

I think it’s safe to say that over 75% - 80% of men choose to maximize their razor’s blades use by shaving beyond the 3-5 shave blade suggestion. This may be a great idea for many however, a more effective approach would be to remember these three tried-and-true signs of a truly dull blade.

  • Missing hair – the duller the blade, the more you will recognize hairs being missed per pass.
  • 5 O’clock shadow – the more you use a dull blade the more you will notice how much quicker your facial hair grows back.
  • Tug-n-Pull – when the blade loses it’s maximum sharpness, some hairs will find themselves being pulled out instead of being cut. Ingrown hairs, razor burn, razor rash… all or a few will certainly follow.

Here are two tips to extend the life of your blades just a little longer!

  1. After shaving, wipe the blade with a damp cotton swab filled with rubbing alcohol and store in a dry place or rest the blades in a small pool of pre-shave oil.
  2. Never, ever store your razor in the shower.



March 07, 2019 by Craig the Barber

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