Post Shave:  Never (Ever) Skip This Step - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber
Here's why! It's an important step to keeping your face looking good and feeling great. It ranks just as high as shaving with a shave creamand you know how important that is, right?


After-shave/post-shave products can be found in gel or lotion form; and are specifically designed to calm, moisturize and heal the skin from the aggressive nature of shaving. Many times your skin can feel dry and irritated after shaving. So, a post-shave product steps in to provide restorative skin-healing benefits just in time to handle tomorrow's shave.

There are a plenty of these products on the market to choose from, and believe me, I've tried more that a few. But, know that the winner is the one that provides sound moisture and aids in quickly healing freshly shaven skin.

Knowing that our many benefits out-weight the competition, the 3 in 1 Face Balm delivers optimal results as both an aftershave & daily moisturizer. Taking it a step further to reduce the need for a separate face moisturizer and an additional step.

I invite you to give it a try! But more importantly, never (ever) skip this step.

Happy Shaving!




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