Is sheltering in place wreaking havoc on your skin? - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Home-schooling, working from home and sheltering-in-place…

All of these scenarios are leading to many more of us struggling to keep our skin from feeling and looking dry. With the bulk of our activities being done in cooler places, our skin’s normal perspiration practice (which naturally moisturizes our skin) become less important. The long term effects of this can quickly make your skin appear older, shaving more painful and if not consistently used, your moisturizer less effective.  

Here are a few suggestions that can help! .

  • Coconuts – a slight acquired taste but there is an obvious reason (besides marketing) that makes its drink so popular. Coconut milk contains oils that remain present in its water that are part of the essential ingredients for a healthy skin barrier. Drinking it can help a little, but eating a fresh coconut can produce better results!
  • Humidifier – not into eating your way to moister skin? Try a humidifier! Just place it in your bedroom at night and you can have healthier looking skin in the morning. A great alternative for those not interested in spending the money is to use a large pot of water instead.
  • Stay Active – activities that help to warm your body allows for your skin to naturally moisturize itself through perspiration. This is a great way to trigger your skin’s normal function while also optimizing the benefits of your daily moisturizer.  

  • Ingredients – face moisturizers with ingredients that include – Hyaluronic acidGlycerin and Squalene are great choices. And for the body, ingredients that work well are PetrolatumSilicone and Shea Butter.



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