Never Skip The Last Step!

Forgetting to finish your shave with with an aftershave balm is like running outside barefoot when its 100 degrees outside. So let's just say, it's a bad idea. A freshly shaven face is generally more sensitive to the outside elements and more susceptible to being dry as a result of the skin going through an exfoliation process during each shave. And both are easily avoidable with this step. 

After-shaves/post-shave products can be lotions, balms or even a gel.  They are designed to calm, moisturize and aid in quickening the healing process of your skin from the aggressive nature of shaving. An aftershave balm perfectly prepares your skin for the next day's shave. And, head shavers, this includes you as well!

The market is filled with countless aftershave products, from balms to lotions and gels. Fortunately, our 3 in 1 Daily Moisturizer stands out as the perfect choice for aftershave care. It not only calms the skin and accelerates the healing process but also provides continuous hydration, day and night eliminating the need for a separate facial moisturizer. Plus, it boasts a 5-Star Customer Rating on both and, placing a solid stamp og approval for its effectiveness and quality.




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