How To Stop Ingrown Hairs From Coming Back

Have you ever dealt with the frustration of an ingrown hair reappearing in the same spot weeks after you thought you had dealt with it? This recurring issue is often the result of how you're handling the ingrown hair—specifically, if you're pulling it out completely. Let's ding into why this happens and how to manage it more effectively.

When you encounter an ingrown hair, the instinct might be to pull it out entirely. However, this approach can backfire. Ingrown hairs occur because the hair is growing beneath the skin's surface. Completely removing the hair means it will have to regrow from below the surface once again, potentially leading to another ingrown hair.

The key is to gently extract the hair from the bump or swollen area without removing it entirely. This method ensures the hair is above the surface and can grow normally, reducing the chance of it becoming ingrown again before your next shave.


To perform this procedure safely, use a sterilized needle, tweezers, or even a safety pin. Remember, sterilization is crucial to prevent infection. By gently pulling the hair out just enough to free it from under the skin, you ensure it's ready for a clean shave next time.

This technique is not just for men; it's equally effective for women. So, if you find this advice useful, don't hesitate to share it. It's a tip that can benefit anyone dealing with ingrown hairs and could earn you some appreciation for spreading the word!


Iain Kane

Iain Kane said:

Great advice, Craig!
Men really need to be encouraged to take more care when going through their shaving routine.
The advent of the problem-causing 5 blade+ cartridge razors have only exacerbated this issue.
If we really take the time to get to know our beard and how it grows, particularly around the neck area, and shave in harmony with it, so many “problems” could be eradicated!


Devlyn said:

Hi Craig !!! What’s Your Opinion On The Skinguard Razor ?

Craig the Barber

Craig the Barber said:

Hi Iain, thank you for the comment! And, I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes achieving a very close shave is not the most ideal approach for many.

Craig the Barber

Craig the Barber said:

Hi Devlyn,

Regrettably, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out the new Gillette razor. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to be aware of your beard’s growth pattern before using any razor. If your beard lacks a distinct growth pattern that you can follow while shaving, it’s more likely to result in ingrown hairs. Understanding this fundamental aspect is paramount in avoiding such issues.

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