The Best Shave Ever In The New Year! - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Schools cover so many great topics. But nothing on how to get the best shave? Who’s gonna help you with that…? Me of course!

Welcome to the shortest class you’ll EVER take!

My Quick & Classic Shaving Tips 

Prep: Moisture is Key   

  •  Choose your favorite face wash to create a clean surface to aid in softening the hairs, while further reducing the chances of skin irritation from excess oil and dirt.  


Apply Shave Cream  


  1. Using warm water, lather up a small amount of shave cream. You can use either a brush -- which I like because it exfoliates while lifting the hairs from the skin -- or just apply it using circular movements with your hands.
  2. When choosing a shave cream you'll want to chose a moisture-rich, lightly scented one, capable of building a protective barrier from the blade while optimizing its glide for a closer more consistent shave.

  3. Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream is formulated with 11 rich butters and skin softening oils to deliver increased protection against razor burn, skin darkening, and ingrown hairs while providing real-time healing with every stroke.


Shave: Keep a Light Hand 


  1.  Note the direction of hair growth in the areas you will shave (cheeks, chin, upper lip, etc.).
  2. Your first shave pass should always be short strokes with the grain of the hair growth.

  3. For areas that require additional attention, take a second pass across the grain, not against.

  4. If an even closer shave is desired; spot shave those specific areas against the grain. 


Refresh: The Final Touch 

Follow your shave with a cool splash of water to tighten skin and cool your face.

  • Apply a lightly scented after-shave balm. It promotes healing and re-moisturizing of the skin; and as a reminder, stay away from heavily scented products as they have the tendency to dry and irritate the skin.


    Watch this step-by-step guide for my best shaving techniques.





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