The 3 Elements Of A Great Face Moisturizer

Dry skin can wreak havoc on your appearance, and when combined with the aggressive nature of razors, electric shavers, or beard trimmers, it can result in heightened skin sensitivity and shaving irritation.

Although there are many causes of dry skin, such as genetics, dry climates, environmental pollutants, and harsh chemicals in soaps, skipping this step in your daily routine should be an absolute no-no.

So, here are a few elements to look for in a highly-effective face moisturizer to ensure that your face remains healthy-looking in appearance but equipped to handle a sharp razor going across your face.

  1. Choose a product that contains ingredients that enhance skin hydration, such as Squalane and Avocado Oil, to create a more vibrant and healthy appearance.
  2. Look for natural oils that are effective in promoting skin regeneration and reducing inflammation like - Vitamin E, & Sodium Hyaluronate.
  3. Seek out a moisturizer that provides anti-aging benefits that aid in replenishing what is naturally lost in aging skin.

Guys, we cannot hide from the truth…healthy skin needs to be moisturized too. Do you part and you will be amazed as to how your skin will respond.



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