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Chances are that if you shave you have experienced an ingrown hair. Men and women alike suffer from them and we all know they are not fun, not to mention unsightly AND painful. I've seen men in my chair who are afraid to shave for fear of the ingrowns! Today that worrying STOPS… Because I've got the ultimate guide to ingrown hairs for you: what are ingrown hairs, why we get them and most importantly, how to treat and prevent them from coming back.

Ingrown hairs are the result of the hair growing back into the skin. Why do so many men (and women) suffer with this?

Let me help shed some light on this.  But first, I need to establish that knowing the correct way to shave is the #1 step to reducing ingrown hairs.

So let's begin.

Two things you MUST stop doing!

  1. Shaving against the grain
  2. Following the trend of multiple blade  razors (all have lift-cut engineering)

Why? Because both practices promote a smoother shave by cutting the hair "below" the skin line. However, the main objective in reducing ingrown hairs is to control the hair.  And, the only way to control the hair is for you to see it.

Most men that suffer with ingrown hairs have curly or wavy beards.  These beards grow at an angle out of the skin anywhere from 0 - 40 degrees (very low to the surface). So your best bet is to shave in a way that will keep the hair "above" the skin line.

I recommend...

  1. Shaving with the grain
  2. Less is more...blades that is.
  • Try single or double blades - more control in customizing the length of the beard.
  • Consider razor blades with guards that prevent the hair from getting cut too close (ex. Bump Fighter razor blade w/ Bump Guard)
  • Replace often - with consistent shaving prep and a great shave cream, blade replacement can vary. But, a great rule of thumb is between 3-5 shaves with the same blade.




Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper said:

Hands down for me this has been a GREAT purchase for me. I’m looking forward to a long Burke Ave relationship. Bless Up!

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